Global Micro High Speed Fibre Event – 08/2015

Enabling a hybrid cloud solution through a local service provider

It’s hard enough these days to find people you can work with and can trust. It’s also difficult getting all your services to work together. But it doesn’t have to be.

At a recent partner event, jointly hosted by Global Micro, Microsoft and Metrofibre, we discussed what a seamless transition to the cloud means. For us, it’s about getting everything you want without having to spend the time juggling and managing the associated technical and business relationships.

Attendees heard about the benefits of a hosted solution from the different partners.

Microsoft – Nick Keene, SMB and HSP Cloud Lead

According to Microsoft, nearly 50% of all large enterprises will likely have hybrid cloud deployments by end-2017 and 45% of total IT services spend will be on cloud by 2020. This is being driven by cost savings, scalability and business focus.

While businesses can likely get all the solutions they need directly from Microsoft, they will not get the same level of support, personalisation, cost control and integration offered by service providers like Global Micro.

Metrofibre – Anthonie Lombard, Senior Relationship Manager

Global Micro has partnered with Metrofibre, one of the most reliable fibre networks in the country, to give you access to high-speed broadband at wholesale prices. Get connected to speeds of up to 10Gbps in less than three weeks at prices starting from as low as R2,240 a month for 10Mbps uncapped fibre.

What’s more, if you sign up with Metrofibre, Global Micro will support your seamless transition to its data centres at 500Mbps.

Global Micro – JJ Milner, Founder and CEO, and Demetri Petropoulos, Head of Business Development

While South Africa is influenced by the cloud drivers mentioned by Nick, it also has a unique set of drivers. The realities of load shedding, slow broadband speeds and a poor rand/dollar exchange rate make doing business in the country complicated and often expensive.

Cloud will soon not be optional for South African businesses; it will be a prerequisite. There are options, however, when it comes to what type of cloud to use, which services to move to the cloud, and whether to manage this process yourself or to rely on the experience and technology of a trusted service provider.

Global Micro has done the groundwork in terms of finding world-class, best-of-breed technologies, adapting them to the local market, and ensuring they work together seamlessly with your other line-of-business applications. We are now on a mission to make your transition to a hybrid cloud strategy an amazing experience.

Here’s how we simplify IT for you:


When speaking about productivity enablement and cloud workspaces, most businesses think about the usual suspects: mail, SharePoint, collaboration. But it’s about the entire ecosystem that makes your business function, from infrastructure, software and services, to backing up all of these components, recovering them in the event of disaster, compliance and security, and everything in-between, including social media, DNS management and overall IT management and support.

We work with you to move common collaboration and communication applications as well as your line-of-business applications such as fixed asset management systems, job costing modules and warehousing systems seamlessly into the cloud.

But we go a step further to help you move legacy applications that may not have been built for the cloud, by mobilising them, binding them to your workspace and making sure they work seamlessly with other applications.

Scale and flexibility

In today’s business environment, it’s no longer a case of if your IT needs will change, but when.

We’ll advise on which cloud is the best for your business, understanding that you may need to scale at short notice and that you might need to move your data between data centre locations across the world.

With Continental Drift Assurance, we’ll cover all the costs of unwinding subscriptions you have with other service providers anywhere in the world, and seamlessly port all your data to our data centres.

Data backup and recovery

Using Asigra backup and recovery software, we are able to back up 80 different platforms, including mobile and desktop devices, virtual machines, software as a service and hosted environments.

Any data we back up is FIPS certified and is only accessible by you via your unique encryption key.

Agentless technology allows you to aggregate data across your organisation through a single on-site appliance, rather than the traditional approach of installing a device on each machine that needs to be backed up, which could introduce risk into the organisation.

With the Recovery Licensing Model, you only pay for what you recover, not what you back up, meaning you save money. If you recover less, you pay less.

Streamline IT

If we’re going to simplify your value chain, we need to work closely with your IT department and the only way to do this is if we’re using the same platform.

Streamline IT gives your internal IT department access to all our service provider support desk and management processes.

This ‘hosted hotdesk’ allows users to log a ticket with internal IT, who can decide whether to resolve it themselves or to send it to us to lean on our team. Your internal IT becomes an extension of our technology team, allowing you to invest in the people who make a difference in your business so that they don’t have to focus on keeping the lights on.

Moving to the cloud is time-consuming, complicated and can be expensive. By partnering with a service provider that has bought infrastructure at scale and that has the knowledge and experience to seamlessly move your entire IT stack with minimal downtown and business disruption, your journey to the cloud can be hassle-free, cost-effective and seamless.